Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs.

How They got their Seat at the Table

All thermostats in this table are Energy Star certified, Wi-Fi enabled and share these base features

Wi-Fi Enabled

Control your thermostat remotely via smartphone for added convenience.

Energy Insights

Gives real-time feedback and monthly data for energy-efficient choices.

Customized Scheduling

Set schedules to maximize energy savings with Time-of-Use rates.

Utility Program Sync

Works with utility programs for peak times and offers manual override.

Occupancy Sensing

Utilizes sensors and geofencing to reduce HVAC use when home is unoccupied.

HVAC Use Insights

Provides monthly run-time data to understand HVAC energy use and patterns.

Shop HereSmart ThermostatAvg PriceProfileTouch ColorSmart HomeSensor CompExtra Sens.Adv. Learning
Shop NowEcobee 3 Lite$145Smarter
Amazon Smart ThermostatShop NowAmazon Smart Thermostat$90Smart
Ecobee Smart PremiumShop NowEcobee Smart Premium$230Smartest
Honeywell Home T9Shop NowHoneywell Home T9$165Smarter
Google Nest LearningShop NowGoogle Nest Learning$225Smartest
Emerson Sensi Touchcolor DisplayShop NowEmerson Touchcolor Display$130Smarter
Google Nest ThermostatShop NowGoogle Nest Thermostat$125Smarter
Honeywell T5Shop NowHoneywell Home T5$90Smart

Varying Features

Optional features to narrow down your choice based on personal preferences


Determines the level of intelligence and automation features the thermostat offers.

Smart Home Integration

Enables voice control and seamless integration via Bluetooth capabilities.

Touchscreen Color Display

Offers enhanced visuals with an intuitive navigation experience.

Built-In Extra Sensors

Comes with integrated sensors for enhanced functionality and control.

Sensor Compatibility

Supports additional hardware like temperature sensors for precise control.

Advanced Learning

Automatically learns and adapts to your daily temperature preferences.

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