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Emporia's Home Energy Monitoring Systems

An Emporia Home Energy Monitoring System can serve as a 'playbook' for transitioning into a smart energy-efficient home.

An Emporia Home Energy Monitoring System can serve as a 'playbook' for transitioning into a smart energy-efficient home.

In the pursuit of energy efficiency, Emporia has emerged as a key player in the energy game with its comprehensive Home Energy Monitoring System (HEMS). This system, which includes the Vue Energy Monitors and the Emporia App, provides real-time insights into energy consumption, empowering homeowners to make informed decisions that can lead to potential savings and increased energy efficiency. Emporia’s HEMS is a part of a full suite of options that Emporia offers, includingsmart plugs,home energy storage, and EV chargers, making it a one of the more compelling names in the green energy industry to follow.

Leveraging 200A Sensors for In-Depth Solar Research with Emporia

Going solar is a significant decision that requires careful research and planning. Understanding your home’s energy usage is a crucial first step, and this is where the Emporia HEMS shines. By monitoring your energy consumption in real-time, it helps you identify peak usage times, energy-hungry appliances, and areas of wastage. This detailed insight can be used to develop a tailored solar offset plan, determining the size and number of solar panels needed to meet your specific energy needs.

But Emporia HEMS doesn’t stop at preparation; it continues to support you post-installation. Its compatibility with solar systems allows it to monitor renewable energy net metering, providing clear measurements of energy returned to the grid. This feature is invaluable for tracking the efficiency and savings of your solar panels.

Whether you’re considering solar or have already made the transition, Emporia HEMS offers a comprehensive view of your energy efficiency efforts. With utility costs on the rise and a shift towards electrification, keeping track of actual energy usage—not just the amount you’re paying—is essential for a true understanding of your ROI. By aiding in both pre-solar research and ongoing tracking, Emporia HEMS can not only guide your solar journey but potentially pay for itself through energy savings.”

Creating an Energy Efficiency Playbook with 50A Sensors

Beyond solar preparation, HEMS can serve as a ‘playbook’ for transitioning into an energy-efficient home. By providing circuit-level monitoring, it offers insights into individual appliance usage. Most major appliances, like those you would want to upgrade and track performance on, use their own dedicated circuit. This essentially allows for ‘select-appliance-monitoring,’ enabling homeowners to identify energy-hungry appliances and take steps to reduce consumption.

Whether through more efficient usage habits or by replacing old, inefficient appliances with energy-saving models, this knowledge can be vital. Understanding the exact power used now helps when comparing it to new purchases, aiding in tracking the ROI on major appliance upgrades like heat pumps or heat pump water heaters.

Emporia offers two options for Vue Energy Monitors with 50A sensors. The Gen 2 Vue with 8 50A monitoring sensors priced at $125 allows for specific usage or generation detail for eight individual circuits. This is the most popular option and is ideal for homeowners who want to monitor specific circuits, such as HVAC systems, water heaters, or electric vehicle chargers.

For homes with more circuit breakers, the Gen 2 Vue with 16 50A monitoring sensors priced at $165 offers even more insight. This system provides detailed energy usage data for up to 16 individual circuits, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of your home’s energy consumption.

Smart Plugs

Emporia’s Smart Plugs are designed to monitor energy use and provide control over most home appliances, lights, and electronics. They are separate from the Home Energy Monitoring System (HEMS) but can be integrated into the same Emporia ecosystem through the Emporia App.

With Emporia’s Smart Plugs, you can:

  • Monitor: Track the energy consumption of individual devices or appliances plugged into the Smart Plug.
  • Control: Remotely turn devices on or off using the Emporia App, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home.
  • Schedule: Set schedules for devices to turn on or off at specific times, enhancing energy efficiency.

Comprehensive App

Serving as the brain of your energy-efficient home, the Emporia App is the central hub that puts control and insights at your fingertips. Emporia’s product line goes beyond mere monitoring, offering a complete energy management solution that integrates various components into a cohesive and intelligent ecosystem. It allows homeowners to track energy usage, control smart plugs, schedule EV charging, and monitor solar efficiency.

  1. Home Energy Storage System: Emporia’s energy storage solutions work in harmony with solar panels and the grid, storing excess energy for use during peak demand times or power outages.

  2. EV Chargers: Emporia’s EV chargers are designed to integrate seamlessly with the entire ecosystem, offering smart charging solutions that can be managed and monitored through the Emporia App. They’re also planning to launch one of the first bidirectional EV chargers in 2024, marking a significant advancement in EV charging technology.

3.Solar Integration: Emporia’s products are solar-ready, allowing for smooth integration with solar power systems. This includes monitoring net metering and optimizing the use of solar energy, ensuring that homeowners can make the most of renewable energy sources.


Emporia’s comprehensive suite of energy solutions offers homeowners a complete package for managing and optimizing their energy usage. From smart plugs that provide granular control over individual devices to an app that serves as the central hub for managing the entire ecosystem, Emporia’s products are designed to work together, providing a holistic approach to energy efficiency. Whether you’re just starting your energy efficiency journey or looking to take it to the next level, Emporia has an option to suit your needs. Their innovative approach to energy management, including the upcoming bidirectional EV charger, positions them as a standout player in the energy game, making them a one-stop solution for all your energy needs.

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