Portable Power Stations

Portable power stations over 3kWh, with or without clean energy compatibility, are claimable

How They got their Seat at the Table

All portable power stations in this table meet a minimum 3kWh capacity, and offer these features

User-Friendly Setup

Gives you the power to install it yourself, dodging costly professional fees.

Energy Arbitrage

Exploit off-peak rates to reduce energy costs with smart, cost-effective usage

Emergency Backup

Provides dependable power during outages, ensuring your homes energy autonomy.

Clean Energy Integration

Seamlessly pairs with solar and wind setups, enhancing your clean energy consumption


Flexible design allows for easy expansion to meet your evolving power needs


Effortlessly mobile for both travel and home use, ensuring power wherever you are.

Shop HereSystemAvg PriceCellsLife CyclesCapacityContinuousSurgeCharge Time-AC
Bluetti AC300 + B300 SystemShop NowBluetti AC300 + B300$2,600LiFePO43,500-80%3.07 kwh3KW6 KW1.5 hours
Bluetti EP 500 PROShop NowBluetti EP 500 PRO$5,000LiFePO43,500-80%5.1 kwh3KW6 KW1.5 hours
Eco Flow Delta Pro Double UpShop NowEco Flow Delta Pro$3,000LiFePO43,500-80%3.6 kwh3.6 KW7.2 KW2.7 hours
Eco Flow Delta Pro Double UpShop NowEco Flow Delta Pro X2$5,900LiFePO43,500-80%7.2 kwh7.2 KW7.2 KW2.7 hours
Renogy Lycan 5000Shop NowRenogy Lycan 5000$3,000LiFePO43,500-80%4.8 kwh3.5 KW7 KW2.7 hours
Jackery 4000Shop NowJackery 4000$3,800LiFePO44,000-70%4.085 kwh3KW6 KW2.3 hours
Bluetti AC500 + 300S SystemShop NowBluetti AC500 + 300S$4,800LiFePO43,500-80%3.07 kwh5KW10KW80 minutes
Jackery 3000Shop NowJackery 3000$2,800LiFePO44,000-70%4.085 kwh3KW6 KW2.3 hours

Features That Vary

Cell Type

The type of battery cells used in the system.

Life Cycles

The number of charge cycles the battery can withstand.

Usable Capacity

The amount of energy that can be stored and used.

Continuous Output

The amount of power the system can output continuously.

Surge Power

The maximum power the system can output for short periods

AC Charging Time

The time it takes to fully charge the system using an AC outlet

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