Smart EV Chargers

Ev Chargers are covered under 30C and almost every state has an incentive as well

How They got their Seat at the Table

All chargers in this table are Level 2, Energy Star certified, and share these features

Level 2 Charging

Offers faster charging speeds compared to Level 1, typically up to 7.2 kW.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Enables remote control and monitoring of charging sessions via a mobile app.

Energy Star Certified

Meets Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency and environmental impact.

Energy Tracking

Provides real-time energy usage data to optimize cost and efficiency.

TOU Scheduling

Allows scheduling during off-peak hours for reduced electricity rates.

Safety Certified

Meets UL or ETL safety standards for electrical components and charging.

Shop HereEV ChargerMax AmpsAvg PriceBluetoothAlexaGoogleNetworkSolarChord MgmtInstallationWeather
Emporia 48A Smart ChargerShop NowEmporia Vue48 Amps$400Wall MountHardwired/Plug-inNEMA-4
ChargePoint 50A Smart ChargerShop NowChargePoint50 Amps$600Built inHardwired/Plug-inNEMA 3R
JuiceBox 40A Smart ChargerShop NowJuiceBox48 Amps$600Wall MountHardwired/Plug-inNEMA 4X/IP66
Autel 50A Smart ChargerShop NowAutel MaxiCharger50 Amps$520Separate holsterHardwiredNEMA 4X
Wallbox Pulsar Plus 40A Smart ChargerShop NowWallbox Pulsar Plus48 Amps$700Separate holsterHardwired/Plug-inNEMA 4X
Electrify America Level 2Shop NowElectrify America40 Amps$650Separate holsterNEMA 14-50 plugNEMA 3R

Varying features

Optional features to consider based on your home setup

Max Power Output

Opt for a higher amp rating for quicker charging—20% more amps means 20% less time plugged in.

Charging Network

Choose a charger that supports a wide network for more accessible charging options on the go.

Cord Management

Chargers come with cord management such as built-in storage, wall mounts, or separate holsters.

Installation Options

NEMA 14-50 plug is most common plug- hardwiring offers seamless integration with renewable systems.

Solar Compatibility

Compatible with solar panels for direct charging or utilizing excess solar energy efficiently.

Weather Rating

Ensure durability with NEMA 3R as the standard, or NEMA 4X/IP** for the highest element protection.