Smart Energy Devices

Smart Energy Devices are not covered Federally, but many are on the state-level

Smart, Connected, Controlled

Elevate Your Home with Smart Energy Control

Embrace the convenience of modern living by taking command of your energy usage with intuitive, cutting-edge smart devices designed for efficiency.

Smart Thermostats

Experience personalized comfort and energy savings with smart thermostats that learn your habits and adjust temperatures automatically.

Home Energy Monitoring Systems

Monitor your energy usage with precision and uncover opportunities to save costs and reduce your environmental impact with real-time data.

Smart Lighting

Create the perfect ambiance while saving energy with smart lighting that adjust to your lifestyle and set the mood at the touch of a button.

Smart Plugs

Convert any appliance into a smart device with smart plugs, offering you the ability to switch off remotely and track energy usage for each outlet.

Smart Circuit Breakers

Optimize your homes energy distribution with smart circuit breakers that allow for sophisticated control and load shifting

Smart Switches

Smart switches integrate seamlessly with your smart home ecosystem for ultimate control over your electrical fixtures.

Featured Articles

IoT is fueling Smart Energy Devices

IoT is fueling Smart Energy Devices

The term "smart" refers to their ability to communicate with each other through the Internet of Things (IoT), enhancing energy management and control.

Guide to Home Energy Monitoring

Guide to Home Energy Monitoring

In today's world, where every household appliance seems to be getting a 'smart' upgrade, it's high time we turned our attention to optimizing the very energy that powers them. Enter Home Energy Monitoring Systems (HEMS).

Sense's Home Energy Monitoring System

Sense's Home Energy Monitoring System

Central to this solution is the Sense app, a user-friendly dashboard that provides real-time and historical data, tracks energy trends, and allows you to set goals for energy usage.

Smart Thermostat Shopping Guide

Smart Thermostat Shopping Guide

With features ranging from advanced learning algorithms to geofencing and air quality monitoring, smart thermostats offer a comprehensive solution for optimizing your heating and cooling systems.

Ecobee Smart Thermostats Buying Guide

Ecobee Smart Thermostats Buying Guide

Ecobee is the leading name in smart thermostats. This guide aims to simplify your buying options by breaking down Ecobee's unique features and capabilities.

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